KFBPTA, Inc. is a consulting company that works with schools, community, and/or universities in the development of Educational Theatre Programs.  For over five years we brought real stories to life on the stage, reaching a very diverse audience including elementary, middle, high school and college students, “showing” the audience how to make healthy choices. We covered a wide range of current issues touching the lives of young adults, i.e. substance use, bullying, self-esteem, depression, family alcoholism.

It is our goal to share our success by offering our services in the development of your own 

“Stories of Substance”.

Each school is given the tools and support in the development and implementation of their own “S.O.S.” program. The program will be designed to meet the schools individual SEAL initiative - building socially responsible citizens of the 21st century.  Your program will teach your students how to enforce, advocate, and model how to make healthy choices that support supporting students “social emotional health”. 

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