Bringing awareness of

Bullying/ Upstanders, Internet Safety, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Cyber Interactions, Self Harm, Sexual Health, Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs, Abstinence, Relationships, Domestic Violence/ Assault, Family Issues, ACOA, Distractive Driving, Energy Drinks, and more

to a wide variety of audiences including

Boy/ Girl/ Cub Scouts, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges/ Universities, Parents, Educators and more

Through Educational Theatre
Since 2009  

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   Stories of Substance      uses drama, humor and music in a creative, powerful and efficient way to educate students about making Healthy Choices. It raises awareness of vital information, and a strong connection is forged with the emotions behind substance use, domestic violence, self-esteem, depression, Internet Safety. 



The performance is written and performed by young adults and is developed from actual stories.

Based on real stories, which are submitted anonymously or confidentially, we have found students who write the stories have been touched by this program as well as the audience members who see the stories come to life.  Educators have used role plays for years to educate but there is something about young adults’ own experiences being brought to life on stage which gives them ownership an ingredient for behavior change.

Using theatre as an educational tool is not a new concept but we take it a step further; by combining three powerful tools:  theatre, peer education and real stories. Theatre is chosen as a medium for learning because it allows an audience to respond on a “feeling” level. We want our audience to "feel" the information before they think "that will not happen to me'.

The cast - peer educators, take the real stories and develop an interactive and engaging performance.  The audience can feel and learn. Some of the actors have experienced the scenes they are portraying. The cast share their experience through the scenes as well as in the talk back discussion after each performance, reaching their peers in a very powerful way. 


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